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!! Introduction
In recent years, many recording devices such as voice recorders, smart phones, tablet-type mobile devices, laptop PCs, etc, can be available in our surrounding environment easily, and exploiting them for array signal processing is one of the attractive scenarios. However, in most cases, recorded signals with different devices are not synchronous, which include unknown time offsets of recording start or sampling frequency mismatch. The aim of this task to evaluate source separation on such asynchronous channles.
+ !!Results
+ Results for [http://www.onn.nii.ac.jp/sisec13/evaluation_result/ASY/ASY2013.html|development and test dataset]

!! Description of the datasets

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!!! Test data
- __Download [http://corpus-search.nii.ac.jp/sisec/2013/async/test.zip] (18.8 MB)__
+ __Download [http://corpus-search.nii.ac.jp/sisec/2013/async/test.zip|test.zip] (18.8 MB)__
The data consist of 18 stereo WAV audio files that can be imported in Matlab using the wavread command. These files are named ''test_<srcset>_<cond>_mix_<ch>.wav'', where
* ''<srcset>'': source sets ''male2'', ''male3'' and ''male4'', which correspond to the mixture of two, three and four male skerkers' utterrances, respectively.


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